Air Traffic Control Equipment Market Forecast and Opportunity Assessment by Future Market Insights 2017-2027

Air traffic control equipment are used in aviation industry for navigation and for synchronized landing and take-off operations of aircrafts. Air traffic control equipment are also used for safety and well organized operations to avoid any air-related accidents/ collisions. They are necessary in maintaining systematized flow of air traffic and to avoid any needless traffic congestion. These equipment serves a main purpose of collision avoidance during flight of aircraft along with surveillance and navigation function. ATC equipment are used for management of safe and effective landing and take-off of aircrafts and ground control of aircraft at the airport.

Moreover, air traffic control equipment also helps aircraft during bad weather conditions in order to minimize delay.Innovations in data processing and communication technologies have enhanced the demand for air traffic control equipment. Additionally emergence of automated transmission of needed information to pilots has initiated the installation of advanced air traffic control equipment across the world. Furthermore, improvement of microelectronics has boosted new opportunities for the air traffic control equipment market in the forecasted period.

Increasing air passenger and freight traffic have given rise to the aircraft activities and construction of new airports. Another significant driver for air traffic control equipment market is that renovation of the existing prototypes has been done to enhance several features such low visibility in adverse climatic conditions. These increasing modernization and construction of new airport is thus expected to boost air traffic control equipment market in the forecasted period.

Furthermore, replacement of outdated ATC systems is cumbersome as a disruption of air traffic control is not practical. Phasing out old ATC equipment is thus a steady process wherein newly installed ATC equipment are operated in parallel with the earlier one. High protection requirements in aircraft and technological improvements in components are estimated to amplify the air traffic control equipment demand.The increased spend in defense sector is also expected to offer growth opportunities for the Air Traffic Control Equipment market in the forecast period.

However, high price and maintenance cost of ATC equipment are projected to hamper ATC equipment market growth. Additionally lack of expertise and effective operations at peak hours is anticipated to pose a challenge to ATC equipment market growth.Air Traffic Control Equipment Segmentation By Device Type – Radar devices, Proximity devices, Information system devices, Safety and navigational devices, Simulator devices; By Application – Navigation, Communication, Surveillance; By End Use – Private Aircraft, Commercial and Cargo Aircraft, Defense Aircraft

Asia Pacific region is expected to show the healthy growth of air traffic control equipment market in the forecasted period. The growth of the ATC equipment market in this region is mainly due to the increasing government expenditure for infrastructure improvement, liberalization of protocols related to air transportation, and developing GDP of the region. North America and Western Europe are considered to be the manufacturing hubs of air traffic control equipment since the inception of market owing to established technical know-how and business infrastructure.

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