Current and Projected Tote And Ingredient Bags Packaging Market size in terms of volume and value 2017-2027

The importance of packaging of products lies in the protection of the products from UV rays, dirt and other contaminants during transportation. Packaging is of two types – primary and secondary. Primary packaging comprises of the layer of packaging immediately in contact with the product. Secondary packaging is a second layer of packaging that is used during transportation over short distances. Secondary package may also contain a set of primary packaged products.

Tertiary packaging is used for transport over long distances or storage of bulk. Tote bags represent secondary packaging. Tote bags are unfastened bags with parallel handles protruding from both sides to provide convenience in carrying. They may be made of jute, fabric and leather. Ingredient bags serve as primary packaging for the transport of raw ingredients. The preference for Tote bags in the market is high due to their cost effectiveness and reusability.

Tote & Ingredient bags packaging market: Dynamics: The global packaging market has increased in the past couple of decades resulting in an increased demand for custom products and ease of transport. The retail sector growth in the developed market has been moderate, around 5%, and is higher than 8% in the developing market, therefore, it is anticipated that this will allow the Tote bag packaging marketto grow substantially. The food industry is also anticipated to experience a steady growth in emerging markets like Argentina, Brazil, China and India. These conditions are anticipated to fuel the growth of the ingredient bag market.

Additionally, properties like foldability, customizability and recyclability of Tote bags increase their preference backed up by an improvement in the standard of living. All these conditions catalyze the growth of the Tote bag packaging market. Despite the favorable conditions for the growth of the Tote bag packaging market, there are certain factors that hinder the growth like the environmental concerns. Toxic waste is generated from the plants and affect the nearby areas raising concerns among local residents. Stringent environmental policies are likely to impede the growth of the otherwise robust market.

Tote & Ingredient bags packaging market: Segmentation, Geographical and Competitive dynamics, Key Players

The global tote bag packaging market can be segmented as follows:- On the basis of material:- Cloth, Fabric, Jute, Nylon, Calico cotton, Cotton/canvas, Polyester, Leather, Other material; On the basis of application: Casual tote bag, Beach tote, Luxury tote, Travel totes, Laptop totes, Custom totes, Travel totes, Business/office totes, Other applications; On the basis of design: Winged, Tassel/fringe, Custom designs; On the basis of region: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa (MEA); The ingredient bag packaging market can be segmented as follows: On the basis ingredient type: Flour, Sugar, Various chemicals, Other ingredients;

On the basis of size: Small ingredient bags ( <30 different ingredients, 1000 stacks), Medium ingredient bags (31-45 ingredients, 1001 – 2500 stacks), Large ingredient bags (46-80 ingredients, <2500 stacks), Extra-large ingredient bags (81-150 ingredients, 2501-5000 stacks), Huge ingredient bags (151-250 ingredients, <5000 stacks), Gargantuan ingredient bags (251-500 ingredients, 5001-10,000 stacks), Colossal ingredient bags (<1000 ingredients, <2500 stacks). Tote & ingredient bags packaging market:

Geographically, the Global tote bag packaging market is segmented into North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia Pacific. The tote bag packaging market is anticipated to witness an impressive CAGR in the 2016-2024 timeframe. Being a mature market, North America leads the tote bag packaging market share in the global tote bags packaging market, however, Europe and North America will experience moderate growth owing to their mature markets.

The retail sector in China and India has shown a steady growth, owing to the increase in the number of retail outlets and malls, and is set to fuel the growth of the tote bag packaging market in the Asia-Pacific region. Emerging economies such as Argentina, Brazil, China and India will drive the growth of tote bag packaging market in Latin America and Asia Pacific respectively, and are anticipated to emerge as lucrative markets by the end of the 2016-2024 timeframe.

Some of the key players in the tote bag packaging market are – Bustificio Enneci, Xiamen Novelbag Co. ltd., Nanchang cloud power E-commerce co., Flymax Exim, Pico Bags, Xiamen Daike bags co. ltd. and MCM-group.

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