APAC to Dominate Global Hibiscus Extract Market in Terms of Hibiscus Production: Ongoing PMR Study

Flowering plants such as Hibiscus, which primarily grow in warm temperate, tropical and sub-tropical regions, are known for their medicinal properties, particularly in the form of their extracts. Hibiscus extracts are recognized for the medicinal benefits in countries such as South Korea and Malaysia, and have been a part of traditional medicine in several parts of the world. Persistence Market Research is developing an exclusive research study on the global market for hibiscus extracts, which aims to offer in-depth forecast on the market’s expansion for the assessment period, 2017-2025. For providing a detailed analysis on the global hibiscus extract market, the study has explored all known entities encompassing the market and examined key factors influencing its growth dynamics.

Predominant use of hibiscus extracts in production of cosmetic and skin care products is expected to bolster the market’s growth in the near future. For long-term business growth, manufacturers of hibiscus extracts are likely to focus on boosting the application purview of hibiscus extracts. Pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements are being observed as key applications for hibiscus extract in the global market. The study is also recognizing that constituents of hibiscus extract such as anthocyanin have high health benefits. Furthermore, consumers are also becoming more aware on how hibiscus extracts can regulate and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also improve the condition of people suffering with stomach ailments.

Hibiscus Extracts Market: Regional Analysis : During the forecast period, the contribution of Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in the global market is likely to be significant. Considering how the global hibiscus production remains concentred in this region, the APAC hibiscus extract market could show an impressive growth in the approaching years. Consumption of hibiscus extracts, on the other hand, is relatively low in the APAC region, compared to North America. Over the forecast period, soaring sales of hibiscus extract-based cosmetic and skin care products in the US will drive the demand for hibiscus extracts in North America.

Insights on Segmental Analysis of Hibiscus Extract Market

Apart from region, the study is analysing the global hibiscus extract market on the basis of end-use application, form, and sales channel. Powdered and liquid-form hibiscus extracts are currently available in the market. The report also segments the end-use applications of hibiscus extracts into dietary supplements, skin care & cosmetic products, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals, among others. With respect to sales channels, hibiscus extract being produced in the global market are sold through direct or retail sales. The report has profiled leading manufacturers of hibiscus extracts, which include bio Actives, Ransom Naturals Ltd, MB-Holding GmbH & Co. KG (Martin Bauer Group), Wild Hibiscus Flower Co, Parchem, Inovia International, Nexira, and Anklam Extrakt GmbH. Through 2025, several of these companies are expected to remain active in expansion of global hibiscus extract market.

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