Pneumatic Valves & Accessories Market Set to Surge Significantly During 2017 – 2025

The global valves & accessories market earns a foremost share in terms of revenues due to its applications in oil and gas industries. In the oil and gas industry, especially, most valve and accessories installed in the oil and gas industry presently are replacements of valves and accessories which are previously fixed. The scenario of valves has a significant influence on the market’s growth lately. Though, applications of valves in the wastewater management industries and F&B (food and beverages) industries are leading to sustainable returns.

Pneumatic valves help in providing the safe and precise controller of actuators in a compressed air system which is used in factory automation, medical applications, and packaging. Pressure relief valves control pressure at their inlet port by exhausting pressure to atmosphere. Pneumatic valves and accessories is a part of the large market for industrial machinery components. Pneumatic valve & accessories are used for control valve and isolation actuators. The pneumatic valve and accessories have wide usage in mining, oil and gas facilities, and power generation plants and, where clean air (less humid) is abundantly accessible for compression.

By product type, Pneumatic Valves & Accessories Market is segmented into: Sliding shaft, Rotating shaft; By end-user, Pneumatic Valves & Accessories Market is segmented into: Chemicals and petrochemicals, Power generation and management, Mining,Water and wastewater managementBased on the types, Pneumatic Valves & Accessories is segmented into the sliding shaft and rotating shaft. Sliding shaft segment is the foremost segment among types of Pneumatic Valves & Accessories market over the projected period, increasing adaption of sliding shaft in the end-use industry like oil & gas and chemical and petrochemicals.On the basis of the end user, Pneumatic Valves & Accessories market is segmented into Chemicals and petrochemicals, Power generation and management, Mining and Water and wastewater management. Power generation and management is the major end-user segment during the forecast period.

The global Pneumatic Valves & Accessories market is expected to witness sustained growth over the forecast period. This industry research report identifies the anticipated upsurge in demand for pneumatic valves & accessories from the oil and gas industry would be the major factors that will have a positive impression on the development of pneumatic valves & accessories market over the forecast period. The oil and gas industry uses pneumatic valves in numerous applications including the early stages of the abstraction of crude oil and gas till the refinery processes and in the associated pipelines. Increasing investment in the automotive, electronics, and semiconductors is also driving the pneumatic valves & accessories market.  On the basis of the geographical market segment, it is segmented into seven different regions: North America, Latin America, and Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia-Pacific region, Japan and the Middle East and Africa. As low-cost products are available like butterfly control valves and the V-notch ball is anticipated to drive the progress of the Global Pneumatic Valve & Accessories market.

Asia-Pacific region is presently the market leader in terms of revenue in the global Pneumatic Valve & Accessories market. Vendors from the APEJ countries have started producing low-cost pneumatic valve and accessories, these low-cost valves quality is not on par with other products, various end users are adopting solutions as they are cost-effective.Some of the players operating in the Pneumatic Valves & Accessories market include Kitz, IMI plc, Emerson Electric, GE, Flowserve, GEMU, Rotork, Circor, VANATOME, Watts Water Technologies, Tyco International, Cameron, Crane Company, VELAN, and few other regional players.

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