Functional Lipids in Reducing Global Consumer Health Issues

A lipid is soluble in solvents that are nonpolar and is an element of biological origin. It includes a group of molecules that occur naturally, such as waxes, triglycerides, fat-soluble vitamins, diglycerides, phospholipids, monoglycerides, fats and others. Lipids foremost biological functions are signaling, cell membranes’ structural components and storing energy. Lipids have applications in nanotechnology, food and cosmetic industries as well. An ongoing study by Transparency Market Research says that, the intake of total dietary fat leads to more risk of diabetes and obesity, which ultimately boosts the growth of global functional lipids market.

Functional Lipids Benefitting for Maintaining Good Health

Fats and lipids are main components of food that can help in reducing the risk of diseases and can help in maintaining good health. Functional lipids are functional foods which are part of usual diet intake and have physiological benefits that help in reducing the risk of chronic disease. Lately, from the consumers as well as in the food industry, functional food is in demand due to its ability to prevent the body from being prone to certain diseases. “Diabetes, the silent killer which kills part by part of our life,” – a statement that has been widely recognized for promoting the awareness of dietary lifestyles on controlling incidence of diabetes.

According to a recent news by Disease Control Center, diabetes is very much prevalent in our society. The report from National Diabetes Statistics, 2017, shows that, more than 30 million Americans suffered from diabetes in 2015 which is around 9% of the population. Also, 7.2 million suffering from diabetes were undiagnosed.

Lipids to Favor Self-Management of High Blood Sugar & Diabetes

Diabetes and high levels of blood sugar can lead to Alzheimer’s disease. To curb the consumption of food and beverages that include sugar, which are also called as energy loan sharks, intake of fresh and natural fruits and vegetables, increasing protein intake and eating smaller meals at more frequent intervals is advised. Also, replacing white flour with whole grains is preferred. Herbal remedies are also advisable as they provide assistance to achieve better health.

Following these measures can help in improving liver values, lipids and blood pressure. Purslane seeds help in reducing postprandial and fasting glucose, normalization of the lipid profile and insulin body weight. Mushrooms are also helpful in controlling blood sugar levels and are also known for its immune benefits on health. Any diabetes treatment is centered by blood sugar control. To prevent complications, to treat symptoms of high blood sugar is essential. Certainly, there is no magic that can be a remedy to diseases. Improving lifestyle and making better choices in food is the main remedy for better and safe health.

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Shambhu Nath Jha

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