Butcher and Freezer Paper Market Expected to Dominate Worldwide by 2016 – 2024

The chief factor that has led to rapid growth of the global butcher and freezer paper market is the rising demand for poultry and meat products across the world. Butcher and freezer paper aids in increasing the shelf-life of the goods and that is also helping in the fueling the global market growth. Poultry and meat products are gaining rising traction among the customers mainly because of preference to consume meat products to get more dietary proteins. Moreover, customers are increasingly preferring ready-to-eat or takeaway foods.

This is down to changing lifestyles, rising disposable income, and growing urbanization, especially in the developing nations. An upcoming trend in the international food market is the productive shift in the pattern of the customer consumption in the food and beverages segment. Additionally, emergence of online platforms is expected to influence positively the overall sales of butcher and freezer paper in the coming years. This is also expected to ignite intense competition on the platforms of the food delivery among companies offering food services. There has also been a tremendous growth in the bakery sector which is subsequently expected to lead to rise in market revenue of the global butcher and freezer paper market in the coming years. Moreover, butcher and freezer paper offer an economical solution compared to other packaging material and this is expected to propel market demand for the global butcher and freezer paper market.

Packaging has become an important constituent of modern life due to the ease of transportation, storage and preference of consumer towards a wide usage of paper as a packaging solutions. Food packaging is witnessing significant growth over the past few years, and various innovative packaging solutions were also launched during the same period, with the objective to increase demand for food packaging. Consumer preference for paper as a packaging material owing to its environment friendly property is major driver of the market. Butcher and freezer paper is also considered to be one of the essential packaging solutions among brand owners. Freezer paper is a thick paper with wax coating and plastic on one side of the paper and the absence of any coating on the other side.

The primary factor, which has accelerated growth of the global butcher and freezer paper market is increasing demand for meat products during the forecast period, worldwide. Butcher and freezer paper helps to extend the shelf life of the products is another factor expected to fuel sales of butcher and freezer paper. Meat and poultry products are gaining traction among the consumers, owing to consumer preference for meat consumption to derive proteins. Consumer preference for takeaway or ready-to-eat foods is increasing, owing to changing lifestyles, growing disposable income and rapid urbanization, especially in emerging economies.

An emerging trend in the global food industry is the dynamic shift in consumer consumption pattern in the food & beverages sector. Moreover, online platforms in emerging countries is positively impacting sales of butcher and freezer paper during the forecast period. This is leading to intense competition across food delivery platforms among food service companies. In addition, bakery industry is witnessing an impressive growth, which in turn is leading to increasing sales revenue of butcher and freezer paper in the near future. Furthermore, butcher paper is an economic solution that is expected to propel demand for butcher paper market during the forecast period.

The global butcher and freezer paper market is segmented on the basis of application, end user and pulping type

On the basis of application, the global butcher and freezer paper market is segmented into: Meat,Poultry,Sea Food,Ready-to-eat Food.On the basis of end user, the global butcher and freezer paper market is segmented into:Meat Manufacturing Companies,Restaurants,Bakery & Confectionary Manufacturers.

In terms of geography, the global butcher and freezer paper market has been divided in to five key regions:  North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa. North America is expected to account for the largest market share during the forecast period. This is attributed to growth of the sea food and meat industries in the U.S. In addition, the organized food retail sector is also witnessing an impressive growth in the U.S., which is expected to create substantial opportunity in the North America market during the forecast period.

The market in Europe is projected to register an impressive CAGR during the forecast period (2016–2024). The market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness substantial growth throughout the forecast period. India and China are the most attractive countries for butcher and freezer paper manufacturers, owing to the growth of food delivery services companies in the respective countries. However, the market in Latin America is expected to register slow growth during the forecast period.Some of the key players in the global butcher and freezer paper market are WestRock Company., Oren International, McNairn Packaging, Novolex, Reynolds Consumer Products, Buckeye Paper, Inc., etc.

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