Automotive Transmission Oil Filter Market Expected to Expand at a Steady Cagr Through 2025

The global automotive transmission oil filter market is estimated to be driven by factors, such as increasing focus of vehicle manufacturers on improving fuel efficiency, stringent environmental regulations in regions, such as Europe and North America, and growing automotive production.

Automotive filters extend engine life as they efficiently remove dirt and dust particles that harm internal engine parts, such as pistons and cylinders. Usually, engine damage results in costly repair, which may occur even from a small contaminant, thus devices such as an automotive filter allow proper air flow and aid the engine to function precisely. Automotive filters play a vital role in reducing emissions as well as fuel consumption.

Automotive filters are of three types, namely air filter, oil filter and fuel filter. Automotive oil filters efficiently trap dirt and debris from transmission oil, lubricating oil, engine oil and hydraulic oil. For appropriate functioning of a vehicle, the transmission oil filter plays an important role. The transmission system of a vehicle is connected to the engine’s rear portion and transfers power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission oil filter is an imperative part of the system and is located above the transmission pan and below a pickup tube, which collects additional fluid and regulates the pressure of fluid in the transmission system. The transmission oil filter removes contaminants before sending the lubricating fluid to the transmission itself.

The automotive transmission oil filter market is estimated to witness high growth opportunity in the original equipment market and aftermarket, owing to the limited life of automotive transmission oil filters. It is recommended that transmission oil filters should be replaced approx. every 2-3 years, otherwise unfiltered oil will go to the engine and may cause serious damage. Worldwide growth in automotive vehicle parc is estimated to support growth of the automotive transmission oil filter market in the aftermarket segment.

Key growth drivers for this market are growth in automotive demand, and vehicle parc and production. The increasing focus of manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency of vehicles and increase the average miles travelled per year is estimated to fuel growth of the global automotive transmission oil filter market.

Moreover, stringent emission control regulations in various regions, such as Europe and North America are estimated to drive growth of the global automotive transmission oil filter market.


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