Soy-Fortified Bulgur – Latest Developments & Weekly Round Up

Continental Grain Co. to Step-Up its bio-Refining Capabilities: Continental Grain Co., which is has prominent food and agribusiness companies is planning to ramp up its bio-refining capabilities by agreeing a deal to acquire 2.7 million shares of RiceBran Technologies a specialist in functional food, specialty food, and nutritional supplement. RiceBran Technologies has patented intellectual property that enables conversion of rice bran into a number of animal nutrition, specialty ingredients and food. The company also specializes in animal nutrition, specialty food, nutritional supplement, and functional food manufacturing.

Demand for Healthy and Fresh Cereals Continue to Surge

Many of the cereals are failing to provide the needed protein and nutrition that is expected out of them. Moreover, issues of high sugar content and minimum food value has emerged as major problem for cereal producers. Despites such challenges the global cereal production is likely to growth even more by the end of 2017. However, the growth will still not be sufficient to alleviate world hunger, as weather disasters and conflicts continue to threaten food security in various parts of the world. Reportedly, global cereal production is expected to grow at record pace this year. This grow is expected to be supported by recovery of agricultural sector in the Southern Africa and strong harvest in many of the counties in Latin America. However, the factors such as climate-related shocks and ongoing civil conflicts are likely to impact the growth in cereal production.

Artificial Colors are back with a Bang : Reportedly, manufacturers of the famous sugary breakfast cereal Trix is planning to reintroduce artificial flavoring and colors and after customers complained regarding the all-organic or natural option, prepared using turmer, purple carrots, and radishes.

Soy-Fortified Bulgur to Gain Traction

As per report published by Persistence Market Research (PMR) the global market size of soy-fortified bulgur is set to grow at an impressive pace in the near future. This growth will be influenced by growing preference for healthier food and changing eating habits of consumers. Soy-fortified bulgur is gaining popularity among consumers who are extremely conscious about health and are readily looking for high fiber and protein-rich diet. Growing consumption of the healthier food is anticipated to fuel the global sales of the soy-fortified bulgur over the next couple of years.

Soy-fortified bulgur manufacturers have wide opportunities to diversify their offerings. Moreover, soy-fortified are not only nutritious but also highly delicious, so, manufacturer are also expected to use it as a raw ingredient in ready to cook meals. Soy-fortified bulgur has multiple health benefits, which is further boosting its demand.  Modern consumers have divers eating options and like to change their routine food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Factors as such are expected influence the global consumption of cereals such soy-fortified in the coming years.

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