Tarragon Oil Market Intelligence Research Reports for Actionable Insights 2017 – 2025

Tarragon oil is an essential oil which is extracted from the herb artemisia dracunculus. It originated in Europe and North America and then spread all over the world. The tarragon oil is used for adding flavor to the food, in deodorants, as a vermifuge, aromatherapy, as a stimulant and as a topical for relieving inflammations and also in digestive problems, rheumatic disorders. The tarragon oil market has also been growing in demand for organic tarragon oil due to fewer side effects and more benefits.

The tarragon oil market can be segmented by product type, applications, end-use and distribution channels. By product type tarragon oil market can be segmented Organic and Conventional. By applications, the tarragon oil market can be segmented into flavor, fragrance, personal care, and medicine. By end-use, the tarragon oil market can be segmented as the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry and food industry. By distribution channel, the tarragon oil market can be segmented into direct sale and indirect sale. Indirect sale segment is further segmented into pharmacy and healthcare stores, wholesalers, e-commerce, and others

Tarragon Oil Market: Segmentation,Regional Outlook and Key Players

The tarragon oil market is driven by growing demand for multi cuisine as it sees high demand in the European region, especially in France because it is a traditional herb used in the French food cuisines. The tarragon oil market is a highly consumer-oriented market because, in the Asian regions, other substitutes like basil and fennel seeds could be used instead of tarragon oil and its flavor and taste in food is a matter of choice for the consumers. The consumers in many regions are mostly unaware of tarragon oil due to its sparse suppliers in their market,

which is expected to restrain tarragon oil market growth over the forecast period.Growing global trade is a key driver for the increase in demand for tarragon oil the importers and the ingredient suppliers play an important role in the supply of tarragon oil market. In the tarragon oil market, the cost of the available raw material and the yield of the end product are important factors which decide the price of tarragon oil.

The regional market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and The Middle East and Africa. The tarragon oil market has seen stability in the Europe because of the availability of the raw materials and their inclusion of tarragon oil in traditional food. North American market is anticipated to grow at a significant rate. The market is expected to grow in North America because consumers are focusing more on natural medicines which do not cause side effects and also due to growing awareness about its benefits in flavor and fragrances.

In Asia Pacific, which has a major share in the usage of essential oils is dependent on the supply-side factor and is expected to grow if products are manufactured in these regions. The tarragon oil market in the Middle East and Africa is expected to have steady growth, due to lack of awareness of the benefits of the tarragon oil among the consumers in these regions.The key players in Tarragon oil market are Sigma-Aldrich, Sydney Essential Oils, , Berje Inc., Falcon Worldwide Chemical Inc.,  Alabama Essential Oil Company, Albert Vieille SAS. Among others

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