New Trends of MEMS Automobile Sensor Market with Worldwide Industry Analysis to 2016 – 2026

Microelectromechanical system (MEMS) consist of manufacturing of micrometer scale devices that actively used to support electrical and mechanical systems in various end-use applications. They have been used in application ranging from display technologies to sensor system and even in optical networks. As compared to ordinary systems, MEMS are beneficial in various application largely due to their small size and light weight that allows the whole system to be miniaturized. MEMS technology consume less power and are cost effective in nature. Moreover, they are highly resistant to external shock, vibration, and radiation. Due to these advantages, the technology is applicable for various devices in end-use sectors such as biotechnology, consumer devices, defense, and semiconductor and automobile. Two major categories of MEMs technology devices include microsensor and microactuators. Microsensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope are used to detect information form the surrounding. Microactuators such as microvalves and micropumps are used to perform certain action based on the information received.

MEMS sensors in automotive domain are being increasingly used in airbag system, inertial brake lights, headlight leveling and automatic door locks. MEMS sensors are also applicable in car navigation, electronic stability control, monitoring tire pressure and optical image stabilization. With the growing adoption of autonomous vehicle MEMS sensors are widely used in pre-crash system through using wheel sensor to efficiently measure vehicle speed, radar and laser sensor to measure and monitor the distance to vehicles and other object in front or by side of the car. Some of the significant technology trend with MEMS include move towards smaller sensor, extended range of sensing and improved sensing accuracy.

The market is driven by the implementation of vehicle electronic system in cars. Moreover, the market has gained further traction due to the advancement in the technology particularly that of sensors and microcontroller, Worldwide stringent policies and regulation by policymakers on efficient, safety and driver assistance of automobiles is also expected to drive the market. The MEMS sensors market is expected to witness growth opportunities largely arising from research and development in MEMS sensors. Additionally  new application areas of MEMS sensors such as rollover detection, active suspension and increasing development of technically advance automobile (hybrid and electric vehicle) widens the scope of the market. However, lack of standardized fabrication process might restrict the growth of the market.

The market can be segmented on the basis of types of MEMS sensors that might include MEMS microphones, MEMS pressure sensor and inertial MEMS sensor. The inertial MEMS sensor might be subdivided into accelerometers and gyroscopes sensors. Inertial MEMS sensors has been developed for electronic stability control system for automobile. The accelerometer measure the vibration, acceleration, shocks, and motion while gyroscopes sense the server operating condition. The pressure sensor are largely used to monitor tire pressure, airbag pressure and engine pressure. MEMS microphone are used for automotive voice assisted service MEMS microphone sensors provide high sound quality and are affordable thereby used in large number of vehicles.   On the basis of application, the market can be segmented into safety and non-safety application.

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