Mesh Fabric Market Intelligence and Forecast by Future Market Insights 2017 – 2027

Mesh fabric is a knitted fabric or loosely woven fabric, having pores in between for ventilation purpose which has been existing since the last three decades in the global market. Mesh fabric is basically used in application such as Apparel, Crafts & Utility Products. In clothing sports it is double layered which provides the sleek feel to move and stretch, having quick drying property and cooling capability resulting heat and perspiration. There are five different kinds of mesh fabrics. Out of the material types, the polyester mesh fabrics are majorly used in athletic wear. Mesh netting fabric is used where body parts need to be dried. Tulle is commonly used for wedding veils. Power mesh fabrics is used to give the smoothen effect to the body. Nylon mesh is used of crafts and utility section. The product has evolved over the time with new materials replacing the existing types having superior durability and also specifically designed for standard as well as custom requirements in the end use sector.

Mesh Fabric Market: Dynamics, Segmentation, Regional Outlook, Market Participants

New trends by fashion industry and clothing designers nowadays are using knitted or woven fabrics to design dresses and other clothes which is making people to follow the ongoing trend which in turn is leading to increasing sales of mesh fabric clothes thereby aiding the growth of mesh fabric market globally.

Use of light weight bullet proof vests in defence and security sector is another prominent end use market fueling the mesh fabric market globally. Increasing preference of durable and comfortable apparel in area of field sports across the globe is also contributing to the growth of mesh fabric market.

Growing automotive sector across the globe is aiding the mesh fabric market to grow as mesh fabric is used in seat cover so that air can pass through. Footwear industry also uses mesh fabric in shoes thus reflecting the positive effect towards the growth of mesh fabric industry. New product development coupled with research of using fabric composed of advanced lightweight materials i.e. natural as well as synthetic type of fibers has been a notable trend of mesh fabric market.

However, downfall of mesh fabric use in general apparel is expected to be the major restraint in the growth of mesh fabric market due to high cost of raw material. Volatility in market and economic slowdown is expected to have the negative effect on the overall cloth market thereby effecting the mesh fabric market too.

Mesh Fabric Market can be segmented on the basis of Application as– Clothing, Apparel, Sports Wear, Crafts & Utility; Mesh Fabric Market can be segmented on the basis of Technology-Knitted, Woven,; Mesh Fabric Market can be segmented on the basis of Product Type- Polyester, Nylon, Others;

Asia Pacific is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period due to the presence of ample number of manufacturers coupled with growing population which is creating a demand for mesh fabric clothes and utilities thereby aiding the growth of mesh fabrics market in region.

North America and Europe are expected to witness high growth in mesh fabrics market due to the growing interests of people in sports (sportswear under clothing section) is expected to hold the significant share thereby fuelling the mesh fabrics market in both the regions. High disposable income of people in these regions is and growing interests of people to buy mesh fabricated products such as Laundry bags, curtains, shoes, Luggage dividers, Cargo Nets etc is also accelerating the mesh fabrics market in region. In military sector the bullet proof vests for soldier are also made up of mesh fabrics to reduce the vest weight is also driving the mesh fabric market.

Middle East and Africa region, people are taking more interests in sports which in turn is leading to more utilization of sportswear thereby gearing up the mesh fabric market in region. The extreme weather conditions during daytime in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Sudan etc is aiding the more sales of mesh fabric clothes thus helping the mesh fabric market to flourish.

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