Heated Wiper Fluid Market Projected to Amplify During 2016 – 2025

Heated Wiper fluid also commonly known as windshield cleaner is used in four wheeler vehicles as a cleaning agent in order to improve the visibility of the windscreen. This fluid is used to remove bugs, tree sap, bird droppings & road grime, guards against refreeze, melts light frost & ice, which can cause dangerous, unexpected glare. Heated Wiper Fluid does not act as a cleaner but also as a disinfectant. Heated Wiper Fluid generally has a methanol base that gives the fluid its anti-freezing properties. The general composition consists of Methanol, Water, Detergents, Stabilizers & Dye. Heated Wiper Fluid provide excellent cleaning performance under various weather conditions. Proper fluids contain anti-freeze and other additives that helps keep it in a liquid state and free from bacteria.

The market of heated wiper fluid is majorly an organised sector contributing a fairly high percentage. The manufacturers of heated wiper fluid are highly focused in improving the functional properties by adding performance additives in order to make it more eco-friendly. De-icers washer fluid is the most selling wiper fluid among all fluids. Product innovations to make low VOC heated wiper fluid is gaining importance among the major market players. The concentrated/dilutable heated wiper fluid type is preferred by retailers for its convenient packaging type, as they reduce the inventory space and can be displayed easily for product promotion and sales.

The increasing vehicular traffic of light motor vehicles, especially SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles) as well as heavy commercial vehicle segment with tendency to spend on vehicle care and maintenance is a key factor for the growth of Heated Wiper Fluid market. The demand of heated wiper fluid in extreme climatic conditions as well as tropical climate zone is another driving factor for the product sales.  However heated wiper fluid contains methanol, a poisonous alcohol which is a volatile organic compound. It is hazardous even in small amounts to human health and the environment. The strict regulations on the use of heated wiper fluid’s existing VOC levels may hinder the product sales in the forecast period.

The Heated Wiper Fluid market can be segmented based on geographical region such has North America, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Asia-Pacific region, Japan, Middle East and Africa. The market would be volume driven across all regions and car types. North America and Europe are major market for Heated Wiper Fluids due to the high demand for luxury and high-end vehicles. The demand of de-icers washer fluid is anticipated to grow significantly in the regions like North America and Europe. The global Heated Wiper Fluid market is expected to grow with healthy rate over the forecast period. 

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