Food Service Packaging (FSP) Market Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Threats (2017 – 2025)

Foodservice packaging or single use foodservice products have evolved over the years to encompass a broad range of packaging products such as plates, bowls, cups, trays, wraps, clamshells (hinge lid containers), etc. The global foodservice packaging market caters to the gigantic foodservice industry comprising of online and offline foodservice outlets serving billions of consumers around the world. Key market players operating in the global foodservice packaging market are innovating in terms of packaging designs and raw material capabilities that help foodservice players meet their sustainability objectives. Packaging design in foodservice packaging also plays an important role in consumer experience as consumers tend to interact with the packaging while eating. Keeping consumer convenience and user experience foodservice packaging companies are consistently implementing design modifications to differentiate their product offerings.

Global Food Service Packaging (FSP) Market: Market Segmentation,Dynamics,Regional Outlook And Key Players

The global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented as per by product type, by material type, by application and by fabrication process.As per the product type, the global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented into:Plates,Shallow Trays,Cups,Bowls,Bottles,Cans,Pizza Boxes,Clamshell Containers (Hinge Lid Containers),Two Piece Containers (Separate Lid Containers),Single Serve Portion Packs,Others (Straws, Napkins, Spoons, etc.).As per the material type, the global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented into:Aluminum,Fiber Based,Corrugated Paperboard,B Flute,E Flute,F Flute,Clay Coated Cardboard,Molded Fiber,Plastic,Polystyrene (PS),Expanded PS,Rigid PS,Polypropylene,Polyethylene,Polyethylene Terephthalate,Poly lactic Acid (PLA).As per the end user base, the global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented into:Foodservice Outlets,Bakery,Takeaway Meals,On the Go Breakfast,Institutional Foodservices,Online Food Ordering,Others.As per fabrication process, the global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented intoThermoforming,Die Cutting,Injection Molding.

The global foodservice packaging market is witnessing an emerging trend towards sustainable packaging solutions. The global foodservice packaging market consumes billions of units of single use packaging products. Disposability of these packaging products becomes a matter of concern for foodservice companies. Further, environmental policies of the company also play an important role in maintain positive perception among environmental consciousness customers.As per product type plastic and paper plates have emerged as a business segment with high volume growth. Plastic and paper plates are consumed globally in every region in enormous volume due to their abundant production capacities and cheaper costs.

Different packaging products cater differently to various foodservice packaging application such as foodservice outlets, takeaway meals, on the go breakfast packaging, institutional foodservices, online food ordering, etc. Consumption at foodservice outlets constitute a larger portion of the foodservice packaging market. However, the market is anticipated to witness a growing trend towards on the go and takeaway food habits. Busy lifestyle among urban population and growing number of singles in developed countries is expected to fuel the growth of global foodservice packaging market. On the go breakfast and pizza packaging has emerged as high growth market segments in the global foodservice packaging market. The global market for on the go breakfast packaging is estimated to generate more than half a billion in revenues for the year 2017.

Geographically the global food service packaging (FSP) market is segmented into 7 key regions including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan, and Middle East and Africa (MEA).Some of the players operating in the food service packaging (FSP) market include Huhtamaki Oyj, Genpak, LLC, Linpac Packaging, Pactiv LLC, D&W Fine Pack, Gold Plast SPA, Stanpac Inc., Biodegradable Packaging for Environment Co., Ltd., Smurfit Kappa Group, WestRock Company, DS Smith, New Method Packaging, Southern Champion Tray, Magnum Packaging, Michigan Box Company, International Paper Company, and Golden Box Ltd.

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