Dozers Market Report – Actionable Insights and Recommendation 2017 – 2027

Dozers are one of the most extensively utilized machinery in the construction industry. They are standard machines used for dozing, land clearing and they offer assistance in scrapper disposal. Dozers (also called bulldozers) are diesel powered tractors equipped with front mounted blades. The dozer blades are available in three varieties, namely straight blade, u-blade and combination blade. Dozers are employed for multiple applications in the construction industry, including side by side dozing, slot dozing, hard materials dozing and downhill dozing and for the push or pull of other heavy equipment. Moreover, selection of an appropriate dozer according to the job site has a profound effect on the performance of the machine.

Dozers are available in different models depending upon their power capacities and the design of blade. Technological developments have led to the introduction of various technologically advanced dozers; this could have a positive impact on the sales of dozers over the forecast period. The global dozers market is significantly influenced by the changes in growth patterns of the construction industry. Attributing to anticipated growth of the construction industry in coming years, the global dozers market is expected to gain traction over the forecast period.

Dozers Market: Dynamics,Segmentation,Regional outlook and Market Participants

Over the years, the global earthmoving and construction equipment industry has witnessed rapid change in terms of technological shifts, from conventional equipment to the introduction of enhanced capacity machines, such as dozers and excavators. The organized construction industry accounted for a significant share in the earthmoving and construction industry. Apart from this, irrigation, mining and other infrastructural segments (railways and power) also registered a notable share. These sectors are anticipated to witness incremental growth over the years, which will spur the demand for earthmoving equipment, such as dozers over the forecast period. Moreover, many emerging economies are increasing investments on infrastructural projects, which would further drive the anticipated increase in the demand for dozers over the forecast period. Furthermore, greater degree of urbanization will fuel infrastructural growth, which would create opportunities for a variety of dozers to be employed for earthmoving purposes. OEMs are designing compact size dozers that can operate in small and uneven terrains. This is expected to further attract new customers and create great opportunities for augmentation of the global dozers market over the forecast period.

The high initial cost of dozers can restrain the anticipated market growth. Moreover, dozers are noisy in operation, which makes them unsuitable for operations in residential areas. Attributing to this, construction companies are switching towards less noisier alternatives. This could have a negative impact on the sales of dozers over the forecast period. Furthermore, dozers often need maintenance and this increases the maintenance cost and subsequently, has a negative impact on the sales of dozers.

On the basis of product type, the dozers market can be segmented into: Track type, Wheel type; On the basis of end use industry, the dozers market can be segmented into: Construction industry,Manufacturing industry, Mining industry;

The demand for dozers is significantly driven by growth of the construction industry across the globe. With increasing demand for technologically advanced dozers in North America and Europe markets, the dozers market in said regions is anticipated to augment over the forecast period. Moreover, increase in urbanization in developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region will further propel the demand for dozers from construction activities. The entrance of many new participants in the Asia-Pacific region will create opportunities for augmentation of the dozers market over the forecast period.

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