Concrete Pipes and Blocks Market Projected to Amplify During 2015- 2025

Concrete pipes and blocks offer high tensile strength and are far better than the conventional pipes and bricks. The concrete pipes and blocks are applied in the construction of a number of building structures and are also known as concrete masonry units (CMUs). Concrete pipes and blocks are manufactured by a number of branded and non-branded companies across the world.

Some of the key concrete pipe products include reinforced pressure pipes, sewer storm pipes, and other such related pipes. Regardless of the economic slowdown, the market has grown steadily over the years and has expanded pretty well, primarily in emerging nations. The global concrete pipes and blocks market is in its mature stage and is projected to excel effectively in the developing regions of the world.

The growth in industrialization and IT is expected to fuel the expansion of the construction industry, especially in emerging countries. Substantial changes in the industrial sector is also expected to trigger the development of the overall infrastructure in many regions of the world. Eventually, the rising demand for more durable products would in turn trigger the manufacturing of concrete pipes and blocks leading to a sustained growth over the forecast period.

The evident shift in lifestyle and technology is forecast to boost the demand for such strong and durable products over the forecast period fuelling the global concrete pipes and blocks market growth.The low cost involved in the manufacturing of concrete pipes and blocks have compelled many manufacturers across the world to adopt concrete pipes and blocks which requires less processing compared to conventional material.

Organizations such as the Unites States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Greenpeace have implemented certain policies owing to the rise in global warming due to the use of concrete pipes and blocks. The rising consumption of concrete pipes and blocks is one of the reasons responsible for an increase in the global temperature.

Heat is trapped in the concrete structures resulting in increased temperature. The rise in temperature is compounded with an increased usage of air conditioners, also referred to as the heat island effect, which adds to the global temperature. Hence, the growth of the global concrete pipes and blocks market have been restrained by the rising concerns for global warming.

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