Industrial Relay Market Challenges and Opportunities Report 2017- 2027

A relay is a protecting device used for protection of power systems such as machines, transformers, and generators etc. as it isolates the system from the fault condition in order to prevent damage from electrical overloads such as damage from high rated current and voltages. In order to protect the equipment from high voltages and fault currents relays are used to isolate the equipment from the system. Relay sense the input voltage if it reaches the peak voltage called threshold limit it controls the input voltage if the input voltage exceeds the peak voltage limit it will trigger a signal to circuit breaker. Circuit breaker is a device used to make or break the circuit from the live to protect the complete system from short circuits.

Industrial relays are essential to protect the equipment in the system. Several relays operate in industrial applications such as SSR solid state relay, Electro-mechanical relay, overload protection relay, latching relay and other relays. Solid state relay (SSR) switching is completely electronic base where as in electromechanical, operation completely based on opening and closing moving contacts by a magnetic force. Solid state relays are familiar and most popular. They are gaining attention from industries and witnessing a high growth opportunities in the global industrial relays market. In industries motors, generators, transformers, are running continuously those needs a protecting devices VCB, SF6, all needs a protecting devices to ensure the health of the equipment and to protect the complete power systems. Relay triggers under faulty condition means in abnormal fault condition if not eventually the system get affected and damaged it even may damage the other machines if it is not isolated from the circuit.

Solid state relays (SSR) gaining traction in between the forecast period. There are various driving factors which are expected to drive the demand for industrial relays such as, solid state relays (SSR) provides fast switching capabilities with less voltage commonly 3VDC-32VDC. Switching capabilities attained by (SCR) silicon control rectifier, SCR energizes the relay to operate under fault condition. Some of the types of solid state relays are zero switching relays (it is used to turn ON when the control voltage is applied and it turn OFF when the control voltage is removed) zero switching relays are widely used in industrial applications. Instant ON relay (instant relay operates if the voltage reaches pick up voltage it turns ON instantly). Peak switching relays (this relay turns on when the control voltage is present) these are the key driving factors which are expected to increase the demand for SSR relays in the global industrial relays market.

Electromechanical relays are general purpose relays, machine control relays, reed relays these operates with AC & DC currents, the voltage range 12V-230V  which are also expected grow significantly in the global industrial relays market. Overload protection relays are used in the industries, substations during the load operations. In short circuit condition the input voltage rises to threshold limit in which the relay turns ON by moving contacts. Overload protection relays turns ON and isolate the complete system with the help of circuit breaker these are key driving factor for the global industrial relays market. Some of the other relays are latching relays going to upsurge the market in the given forecast period and also build significant opportunities for global manufacturers of industrial relays market.

Introduction of innovative new relays for various protection systems of industrial sector is a key trend in this market – this ensures that all the global key players are integrating to manufacture industrial relays. From the application point of view, oil & gas, marine followed by marine, automotive and aerospace industry is expected to gain traction in the market over the forecast period owing to the increasing need for protection.

Industrial Relay Market Segmentation By Product Type – Electromechanical, Latching, Solid Relays, Overload Protection, Automotive, Other Relays; By Application – Industrial Automation, Oil and Gas, Marine, Military, Electronics, Others

Based on the geographical region, Asia Pacific is projected to grow with a prominent market share in the global industrial relays market, followed by Western Europe and North America. The use of Industrial relay in the industrial sectors due to their significant features to protect the systems such as overload protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection drives the growth market and it is becoming economical due to the latest innovation and developments being made in APAC, SSR and electromechanical relays gaining extensive growth in the APAC industrial relays market. Europe and North America are given such positive situations, by replacing aged infrastructure with the updated relays which helps the system to work more efficiently.

Some of the key players in the Industrial Relays market are: Fujitsu Ltd, Crydom Inc, Siemens AG, Coto Technology, Schneider Electric, Omron Corp

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