Global Steady and Assessment on Gluten-Free Products Market by Future Market Insights 2015-2025

Consumer focus on health and well-being has meant that the focus has invariably shifted to food & beverages. Today, consumers are paying increasing attention to the ingredients in food products. This has led manufacturers to broaden their ‘health and wellness’ product offerings. In a bid to make their products appeal to a wider audience, manufacturers have started to prominently display the USP on the product packaging. Claims, such as ‘100% organic’, ‘gluten-free’, and ‘Halal-certified’ have become ubiquitous. However, it is pertinent to mention here that not all manufacturers deliver on what they promise. And, this has got Tricia Thompson of Gluten-Free Watchdog worried.

Concerned over the rising spate of “farcical claims”, Thompson has urged the FDA to step in and monitor how companies promote their products. As packaging has become one of the most important tools for marketing and sales, many manufacturers are capitalizing on confusion regulations to consolidate their base. However, this not only violates customer trust, but also poses risks to health and well-being. Thompson has started a petition, which urges the FDA to enable consumers to report farcical branding on the FDA website. She also wants action to be taken on those manufacturers who make fake claims about their products.

Not Everyone Should Go Gluten-free Way:  Although Gluten-free is gaining traction, medical experts are of the opinion that it should only be for people suffering from celiac diseases. Currently, a number of people, who are non-celiac, are trying the Gluten-free diet. This, according to medical experts, can lead to poor nutritional intake, increasing the chance of various diseases.; Launch of Organic Gluten-free Oat Mill: The launch of first-ever gluten-free oat mill in Ireland is grabbing media headlines. While oats are naturally thought of us gluten-free, they become contaminated with gluten while processing. It is in this context that launch of The Marry Mill in Vicarstown is grabbing headlines

NuGu Nutrition Launches Gluten-free Pea Cookie Range

Owing to rising popularity of gluten-free products among consumers, NuGu recently launched Gluten-free Pea cookie range. In keeping with the growing health and wellness trend, the company also launched a vegan range of cookies.

Gluten-free Products Market Key Players: Major players in the Gluten-free industry are Boulder Brands, Inc. Dr. Schär AG/SPA, Enjoy Life Natural Brands, Llc, General Mills, Inc., H.J. Heinz Company, Hero Group AG, Kelkin Ltd, Quinoa Corporation, and Raisio PLC.

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