Electronic Transformers Market to Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2017 – 2025

Global Electronic Transformers Market: Introduction, Segmentation, Drivers, Trends, Regional Outlook and Participants

Electronic transformers are used in low-voltage appliances such as SMPS, computer peripheral devices, medical electronics devices, etc. Whereas, power transformer is an electrical device having both primary and secondary windings, which is used to convert high voltage to low voltage and vice versa works through electro-magnetic induction principle.  In power transformers, input voltage is stepped into up & down and used as per the desired requirement. Transformers works on the principle of Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction.

Furthermore, electronic transformers are designed especially for low-voltage applications. Electronic transformer are used in RF (Radio Frequency) devices, computers and low-voltage lighting devices. Electronic transformers are used in circuit boards to insulate the complete circuit, electronics transformers are used in impedance correction and provide alternating but with low impedance. In low-voltage appliances, frequency should be maintained properly as change in frequency may result in output voltage, which can be adjusted with the help of RF transformer. To provide effective bias voltage for proper operation in low-voltage applications, electronic transformers are used. Moreover, low-voltage applications are small circuits and as compared to the power transformers electronic transformers are smaller in size or compact-size transformers and also less weight. Growing necessity of low-voltage applications globally, drives the growth of the electronic transformers market.

The global electronic transformers market is segmented as follows: By transformer type, the global electronic transformers market is segmented into: FBT( Fly back transformers), LOPT( Line output transformers), RF (Radio frequency ), PFN(Pulse forming network), Signal transformers, Others(telecommunication transformers); By applications, the global electronic transformers market is segmented into: Step down/Step up, Lighting, Impedance matching, Frequency, Others; By industry, the global electronic transformers market is segmented into: Telecommunication, Radio frequency;

The growing electronics and telecommunication industry, rise in technology, growing necessity of low-voltage applications usage are the key factors that drive the electronic transformers market. Electronic transformers are highly used in electronics devices and semiconductor devices for impedance correction, signal correction, noise correction and frequency correction, which drive the growth of the global electronic transformers market. The evolving electronic industry utilizes electronic transformer as a means of protecting devices in the circuit. Implementation of new updated technologies, where electronic components are replaced with updated transformers, sensors due to aging, and for better and efficient transformers in low-voltage electronic devices. Repair and replacement of electronic transformers is also expected to offer growth opportunities in the forecast period.

The intensifying demand for electronic transformers are growing day-by-day. There are many electronic transformers in which each has specific application and task. Line output transformers and fly back transformers are designed to step up the output voltage with relatively low input voltage. To maximize the power transfer efficiency, the PFN pulse transformers are used. In order to get the DC voltage, current rectifier transformers are used. RF transformers are used to sample the frequency. To the get the discrete output, switch mode transformers are used. Each specific transformer has completely specific function.

The regional coverage of electronic transformers market includes North America, Latin America, Europe, APAC and MEA. The electronic transformers market witnesses a promising demand and production in Europe and North America. North America and Europe hold the dominant market share in electronic transformers market. The growing technology, research and development in semiconductor devices in Europe penetrates the market. The evolution of the electronics industry in North America along with large exports and imports after the rescission 2008 in North America are the key factors driving the market. High usage of electronic transformers in semiconductor devices for better quality, efficiency and reliable electronic products in end use applications are the growth factors of the market in North America. APAC holds the significant market share, China is manufacturing cheap and cost-effective transformers for low-voltage applications, and they are exported all over the world. In India and China, the electronics industry is growing comparatively high, remarkable growth in electronics industry in last decade and demand from manufacturing industries pertaining to electronics industry, which is going to boost the growth of the market in APAC. Implementation of government regulations over the electronics sector is restraining the market in this region, low-voltage appliance such as semiconductor devices and other applications in the electronics industry are going to boost the market in APAC. Latin America & MEA hold a significant market share.

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Examples of some of the market participants identified across the value chain include TT Electronics plc, Houston Transformer Company, Ltd., Pulse Electronics, EPCOS AG, TOKO, INC., Bharat Electronics Limited, Mouser Electronics, Inc., Halo Electronics, Hammond, Macom, Würth Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

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