Mobile Value Added Services to Underscore Lucrative Opportunities for Manufacturers

Consumer today prefer communicating through mobile phone services including data calls, SMS, MMS, fax transmission, and standard voice calls. With emergence of value added services and internet-based services, the traditional services such as SMS, and MMS are dominated. As mobile added services or non-core services are gaining traction, various smartphone manufacturers have announced that they will soon be offering non-core services as well.

Manufacturers to Benefit with VAS

A recently published news revealed that Intex Technologies, a smartphone manufacturer has announced its plan to launch value added services in order to fuel growth of the business. In an attempt to pace up with its rivals such as Micromax, the smartphone manufacturer is working on creating content ecosystem and services for all the Intex devices. The smartphone manufacturer further revealed that these services will include shopping, video, gaming, and other content. In addition to the inbuilt mobile payment services, Intex will also offer classified or hyper local services along with smartphone utility applications.

This smartphone manufacturer believes that integration of these value added services along with the smartphones will contribute towards future growth prospects. The chief financial officer at Intex said that Intex will offer a mobile wallet application for the devices it has launched and will offer value added services along with these services. Offering additional value added services by the smartphone manufacturers is likely to encourage progress of the mobile value added services market in the upcoming years.

Moreover, various applications and value added services provided for smartphones including YouTube, social networking applications continue to boost demand for the value added services offered by the manufacturers among the end users. A recently published news report reveals that YouTube’s Android application accounted for nearly 80% of the total hours spent by consumer while browsing through the top ten video streaming applications, which accounts for nearly 9.5 billion hours. As manufacturers are focusing on offering such value added services, growth of the global mobile value added services is expected to rev up in the upcoming years.

Malicious Loopholes in the Offered Services

However, as technology is transforming the definition of services offered, several applications integrated in the smartphones or downloaded can pose significant threat to the privacy of the customers. Embedded with malicious applications, these services can hijack the smartphone of the end user, and retrieve all the user’s personal information. Another news update revealed that a threat management company RiskIQ recently analysed nearly 120 applications offered on the mobile app stores along with over 2 billion resources that are scanned daily. Through the analysis conducted, the threat management company found that majority of the app stores continue to offer unprotected services to their users.

The company further revealed that most of these applications are fraudulent and malicious for the devices. Attributed to such factors, customers are discouraged and precautious for downloading applications that offer value added services. Increase in malicious attacks due to various services offered for the smartphones could hinder growth prospects of the mobile value added services market.

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