Eyewear Industry Moving towards Building Smart Glasses Equipped with Sensors

The future of wearable technology is looking promising with the innovative technologies. Innovation in smart glasses is gaining traction with the integration of new technologies. Eyewear manufacturers are constantly working towards manufacturing glasses with advanced features such as recording video, camera equipped glasses. Eyewear manufacturers are also including sensors in the smart glasses that can measure brainwaves, and the result is provided through the companion mobile application. However, startups and new companies are also redefining old devices to fit in with smart glasses.

Focusing on developing better eyewear, companies are increasingly investing in the research and development of technologies to develop eyewear that can assist in various eye problems. For instance, eSight has developed the electronic glasses that can help people with limited vision who cannot see with ordinary glasses or lenses. The glasses developed by eSight transmits images from the camera to a small internal screen. These images are transferred in such a way that it beams the video into the person’s peripheral vision.

Camera technology is also gaining traction in the eyewear industry. Companies are building new frames equipped with camera technology. The companies are using smallest cameras that can be attached to the frame. Removable cameras are also being developed in case the user wants to remove the camera from the frame. Eyewear manufacturers are also working on integrating such a technology in glasses that detect eye movement and prevent drivers from sleeping.

Neurofeedback glasses are also being developed that measure brainwaves taking into account cognitive, subjective and behavioral aspects and also brain activity. Neurofeedback glasses use sensors to track and measure brain activity. The signals are sent to the lenses of the glasses when the brain is distracted and helps to improve performance.

Similarly, companies are also focusing on building electronically active contact lenses. Manufacturers are moving towards using advanced materials, processes, nanotechnology, etc. By using various advanced technologies, companies are also integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) system in contact lenses.

With technological innovations, global eyewear market is also witnessing significant growth. According to the latest report by Future Market Insights (FMI), the demand for eyewear is expected to experience a steady growth in Asia-Pacific and Europe. The demand for corrective eyewear including spectacles and contact lenses is also increasing. The rise in ageing population, changing lifestyle and increasing use of silicon hydrogel are some of the factors driving the growth of eyewear market.

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