Heat Sensitive Cups Market size and forecast, 2017-2027

Heat sensitive cups are cups which are sensitive towards heat or the temperature of the liquid in the cup. As a result of this sensitivity, the graphics or appearance of the cup changes. The customizability of the cups enables manufacturers and end users to target young consumers. Many manufacturers use this feature as a means to enhance brand awareness, and therefore, heat sensitive cups enjoy high preference among brands. In order to achieve this graphical sensitivity, a commodity which is used is heat sensitive paint. These cups are readily used by consumers and are highly preferred as presents. New varieties of heat sensitive cups are ovenable, which is anticipated to increase preference for heat sensitive cups, in the market, over the forecast period.

The availability of an extensive variety of heat sensitive cups, and their customizability boosts growth of the global heat sensitive cups market. Brand owners these days offer heat sensitive cups in a variety of deals to increase product awareness as well as sell their own products. Heat sensitive cups also function as an effective tool for marketing, and increased use of these cups is anticipated in the near future.  Heat sensitive cups also find applications as business gifts by companies. The growth of e-commerce in the past decade has enabled increased sales of heat-sensitive cups. Global packaging industry has undergone significant transformation over the past decade leading to an absolute need for customization. Heat sensitive cups market has witnessed rapid developments in recent years.  New innovations such as digitally enabled heat sensitive cups fueling the heat sensitive cups market. The use of heat-sensitive printing over different cups provides a secure and eye-catching communication tool and thus adds a new usage in its applications list. Despite the largely positive outlook, there are certain disrupting factors, which might hamper growth of the global heat sensitive cups market, over the forecast period. This might include new varieties of cups, which might become a trend. Another factor that might hamper growth of the global heat sensitive cups market include stringent environmental policies regarding the use of certain raw materials. For instance, France recently banned the use of plastic cups.

Global Heat Sensitive Cups Market: Segmentation: On the basis of raw material type, the global heat sensitive cups market can be segmented as: Ceramic heat sensitive cups, Stoneware porcelain heat sensitive cups, Plastic heat sensitive cups; On the basis of product type, the global heat sensitive cups market can be segmented as: Customized or personalized cups, Conventional cup; On the basis of end use, the global heat sensitive cups market can be segmented as: Commercial institutions, Retail outlets, Offices; On the basis of capacity, the global heat sensitive cups market can be segmented as: <200ml,, 200ml-400ml, 400ml-600ml, >600ml; Global Heat Sensitive Cups Market: Regional Outlook. Geographically, the heat sensitive cups packaging market is segmented into: North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan, Middle East & Africa (MEA).

North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Japan have a very saturated market as there is relatively high penetration of ‘on-the-go’ food consumption habit, in these regions. As a result, it is expected that there will be moderate growth in the heat sensitive cup market in these regions. Rest of the regions, which include Latin America, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) are expected to expand at a healthy CAGR over the forecast period, with the increase in the number of consumers adopting on-the-go eating trend.

Global Heat Sensitive Cups Market: Key Players: Few of the key players operating in the global heat sensitive market are – Dexsim (M) Sdn Bhd, Shenzhen Yong Rui Bianse Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd, Huhtamaki Group, Shenzhen Sunsky Technology Limited, Shenzhen Yongfeng Ceramics Co. Ltd and Profun International Co., Ltd.

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