Forecast On Pan Liners Market Global Industry Analysis and Trends till 2027

Pan liners are PTL or nylon based products, which lie or rest at the bottom of the pans and act as line of separation between the pan and the food in the pan. The need for non-stick pans drives growth in demand for pan liners. Spontaneous change in food consumption patterns of consumers has forced pan liner manufacturers to innovate in terms of consumer convenience. The high preference of pan liners is attributed to enhanced food quality, enhanced food yield, and hygiene. Pan liners do not allow food to stick to the surface of the pan, resulting in decreased food loss. Pan liners enable convenient utensil handling, thereby reducing chances of unsanitary cooking. Growing disposable income of consumers has led to growth in demand for more convenience in cooking, which is expected to boost the global pan liners market. Another major factor which is expected to contribute to growth of the global pan liners market is – customizability. Pan liner manufactures emphasize on the environmentally sensitive products made from chlorine-free pulp. All these factors ensure a promising future outlook for the global pan liners market.

There are many factors that facilitate growth of the global pan liners market. Convenience associated with usage of pan liners is expected to drive the market, as modern consumers emphasize on convenience. When used commercially, pan liners help reduce operational cost by eliminating labour time and cleaning costs that involve greasing and washing baking pans. Pan liners help to prevent contaminant residue formation after usage, which can be harmful for consumers. As a result, pan liners enjoy high preference, and the global pan liner market is poised to grow over the forecast period. Pan liners are convenient to use, owing to features such as prevention of food-to-pan contact, ultimately improving the quality of food. More emphasis on hygiene is expected to be the major factor driving the global pan liners market. Furthermore, new varieties, such as ovenable, and dual-ovenable pan liners are expected to heavily influence growth of the global pan liners market. Despite the positive outlook, there are certain factors that might hamper growth of the global pan liners market, including, changing food consumption habits of consumers. Many people prefer ‘dining out’ and on-the-go food consumption trend has picked up, due to a fast-paced lifestyle. The growing working population might limit growth of the global pan liners market. In addition, growing use of alternate non-stick cooking products, such as Teflon coated pans, is also expected to impact the global pan liners market and reduce growth.

Global Pan Liners Market: Segmentation: Pan liners market can be segmented on the basis of raw material, product type, and end use. On the basis of product type: Ovenable pan liners, Steam pan liners.; On the basis of material type: Papers, Fabrics; On the basis of end use: Commercial establishment, Households

Global Pan Liners Market: Regional Outlook: Geographically, the pan liners market has been segmented into North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe,  Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan and Middle East & Africa (MEA). North America currently leads the global pan liners market. However, Asia Pacific is anticipated to have a prominent CAGR because of increasing awareness among consumers regarding hygiene. Countries such as India have witnessed increased migration of people from rural areas to urban centres, which helps generate awareness regarding hygiene. Increasing disposable income in these regions, coupled with increasing consumer awareness is expected to lead consumers to focus on hygiene. As a result, the Asia Pacific region is expected to witness pans manufacturers focusing more on products such as pan liners.

Global Pan Liners Market: Key Players: Few of the key players operating in the global pan liners market are – Papertec, Inc., Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co., Griff Paper & Film, A-Pac Manufacturing Co., Paterson Pacific Parchment Company, SunAmericaConverting, LLC, Loroco Industries – Cincinnati, OH, Brown Paper Goods.

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