Infiniti to Drop its Oldest Qx70 to Update its SUV Segment

As Infiniti plans to move ahead updating its SUV segment, it is going to drop the aging QX70 – its oldest SUV design. The company has confirmed the news to an online auto magazine that there won’t be a QX70 in 2018.

QX70, a mid-size two-row SUV, has rendered a bold, fashion-forward statement, when first launched in 2003. The FX was introduced prior to BMW, and is currently in its second generation, recognized nowadays as the QX70.

Infiniti renamed all of its models, which were launched in 2003, and then got its last major update in 2009. According to sources, the automaker is looking forward, and investing on a newer product – the new redesigned QX50 compact crossover, for gaining customer attention, and direct marketing. The company believes that their new design has potential, and is projected to play a dominant role in the succeeding 2-3 years, to become the brand’s top-seller.

The automaker aims on redesigning versions of QX50, along with QX80, featuring next-generation design themes, as it was jammed between crossover and SUV’s that were updated with new looks. The automaker also confirmed that dealers can expect these models to enter the market by 2018, however with no nameplate offering (previously known as) Infinity FX.

The company’s new & updated crossover, and SUV’s are already displayed in Detroit at the beginning of this year. This all new redesigned QX50 (formerly as a two-row SUV), which first appeared as a 2008 model, will be on sale by next year. The manufacturer confirms that a production version of the same model will be soon having the entire marketing attention.

On the other hand, the larger QX80, a truck-based three-row, a trend for the next generation of Infiniti’s SUV, was already displayed in New York. However the QX70 is expected to redesign the model, and adopt front wheel drive similar to Nissan’s Murano, and Pathfinder instead of its current generation premium rear drive platform. The company will be launching these models during the year 2021-2022.

Along with the updates, the company also announced pricing for both QX50 as well as QX70, which are on sale now. Infiniti QX70, which is now being offered with a V-6 engine, will no longer be sold with the 390-hp, 5.0-liter, V-8 engine, leaving the 325-hp, 3.7-liter, V-6 engine to be the only choice for the brand’s mid-sized SUV.

The pricing for the Infiniti QX50 2015 model has been increased by $150 for the base model, while cost of the rear drive starts at $35995, and the all-wheel drive at $37395. In contrast, pricing for the rear-drive QX70 2015 model is $46845, and is unchanged from model-year 2014. The base price for the QX70 AWD also remains unchanged at $48295.

Nikhil Kaitwade

With over 8 years of experience in market research and consulting industry, Nikhil has worked on more than 250 research assignments pertaining to chemicals, materials and energy sector. He has worked directly with about 35 reputed companies as lead consultant for plant expansion, product positioning, capacity factor analysis, new market/segment exploration, export market opportunity evaluation and sourcing strategies.