New Fashion Line Made Of McDonald’s Packaging

Students from the Miami International University of Art and Design were challenged to create an entire couture swimwear collection, based on the fast food giant – McDonald’s, but with the condition to make designs solely on the basis of their food packaging.

The collection was suitably named as McDCouture, which comprised 20 pieces for men as well as women. The swimwear line was made from the Happy Meal boxes, and Big Mac boxes, which included summer dresses, ponchos, swimsuits, bikinis, and swim shorts, coupled with fry box beach cover-ups, and sandwich wrapper vests. The students at Miami Based University also prepared accessories to go alongside the swimwear line.

This challenge was sponsored by Cabrera/Bentancourt, which consists of approximately 20 South Florida franchise store owners. These students showcased their work in the presence of Donatella, and Ronald McDonald’s. McDonald’s fashion line at Miami Swim Week ascertained that each meal’s packaging is truly a work of art, such as the spring dress made from cheese burger.

Unlike easy access to this fast food, the production of the collection was entirely different. The budding designers utilised over 2800 straws, 2800 fry boxes, 225 Happy Meal boxes, 1000 Sriracha sauce lids, 825 soft drink cups, 7000 sandwich wrappers, 2900 sandwich boxes, and 250 to-go bags from the McDonald’s packaging.

As a part of the runway show, the winning design by Machado Palomeque was rewarded by $5,000 scholarship, offered by the franchise store owners of the Cabrera/Bentancourt group. The design McDCouture Angel which, inspired by the Victoria Secret’s design, had 7000 butterflies prepared from over 1000 wrappers.

Along with the side order of fashion, McDonald’s is now entering into the fast food delivery. The leading food chain also plans on giving away free apparel, accessories, and several other merchandises to customers who place food orders in selected cities across nations. The winners will be announced by at participating locations.

The McDelivery Collection items include a pair of lustrous black sandal, slithers inscribed with the word “World Famous”, combined with a hoodie, and sweatpants. They also comprise a matching, and cosy picnic blanket decked with French fries and burgers, a pillowcase set, and other items.

Among other selections, the collection has an onesie designed with Big Mac graphics. Recounting on the customers, the company expects this fun fashion forward collection to be something for wearing, and using while placing an order.

Nikhil Kaitwade

With over 8 years of experience in market research and consulting industry, Nikhil has worked on more than 250 research assignments pertaining to chemicals, materials and energy sector. He has worked directly with about 35 reputed companies as lead consultant for plant expansion, product positioning, capacity factor analysis, new market/segment exploration, export market opportunity evaluation and sourcing strategies.